August 2018 — Product Picks

Posted on Aug 03 2018 in Product Picks

Ah, summertime! The living may be easy, but it’s just not cool to be so hot. Here are a few ways to keep it chill when temperatures are on the rise.

by Jayne Cannon

We all scream

Is there anything more welcome on a scorching day than a dish of homemade ice cream? In just 20 minutes, you can create your favorite flavor of ice cream, frozen yogurt or sorbet in the Cuisinart Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker — and skip a trip to the ice cream shop. $60. 800-462-3966;

It’s all about you

It looks like a watch, but the Embr Wave Wristband is really a personal cooling device that creates a cold spot on the sensitive skin of your wrist. The idea is to trick your mind into thinking you’re comfortably cool. Will it work when the heat index hits triple digits? We don’t know, but it probably can’t hurt.

From $299.

Cool air  wherever you go

It sounds like a dream on a sweltering summer day: “Alexa, turn the air conditioner up.” The Frigidaire Gallery 12,000 BTU Smart Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier and Wi-Fi Control cools the room you need it to cool, and it works with Alexa and Google Home apps to make your life easy and, yes, cool. $500.


Breezy and bladeless

The Dyson Cool desk fan is not your father’s fan. Without blades, it’s safe to put anywhere —
no worries about the kids or the dog. The fan oscillates to cool a wider space, comes with its own remote, has a sleep timer and is so quiet you won’t have to yell over it. Larger models also available. $300.


Computer cooler

Just like you, your laptop doesn’t have as much get-up-and-go when it’s overheating. Be kind and use a Mind Reader Laptop Cooling Pad. Fans circulate air into your device to keep it from shutting down when the heat is on. Think of it as a cold drink for your computer. $23. 800-843-2446;

Just chillin’

Bottles of ketchup and pitchers of tea mixed among the wines you so carefully selected? Perish the thought. The Frigidaire 34-Bottle Wine Chiller has a see-through door, adjustable temperature settings and LED interior lighting — all the better to grab the right bottle. $279. 800-445-6937;