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Posted on Dec 21 2018 in Noble REMC
Brian Hawk

This is the introductory column in a new series titled “Ask the Energy Advisor,” which will be published every other month and feature timely and relevant information from Noble REMC Energy Advisor Brian Hawk. The series will touch on a wide range of subjects, including energy efficiency, rebate programs, construction and remodeling, and more, while staying locally focused on what matters most to Noble REMC members.

By Brian Hawk

You’ve probably seen me before, whether it was in the pages of Electric Consumer, handing a member a rebate check, or maybe I’ve been to your home to provide an energy audit to help you choose more energy-efficient options.

My name is Brian Hawk, and I have been employed at Noble REMC for over 14 years. I began my role as energy advisor in September 2017.

Before accepting the energy advisor position, I worked on the right-of-way crew trimming trees away from the lines and building relationships with members and co-workers that help me to this day.

I enjoy talking to our members, especially at our annual meeting.

Trimming trees for 13 years allowed me to drive every mile of line on our system, multiple times. In most interactions with members, I can instantly visualize their homes’ location, which helps to maintain a personal connection with each and every consumer I interact with on a daily basis.

Outside of my time at the cooperative, I come from a background heavy in construction. Having worked with the Carpenters Local 232 – Fort Wayne, I completed a four-year apprenticeship that, combined with instruction from elder journeymen, shaped my understanding and skills in the building trades. I’ve also worked for a concrete company and in the manufactured housing industry. These experiences help me to maintain relationships that are invaluable when seeking advice about certain electrical issues in a member’s home.

As the energy advisor, I may start my day answering emails, but by the end of it, I’m crawling under a floor space just barely big enough for me. I have met with residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural members to discuss energy-savings measures, POWER MOVES® rebate incentives, heating and cooling issues, water heater questions and building science. As well, I’ve conducted energy audits of their businesses and residences.

I admired the energy advisor position from afar for some time, watching my predecessor use his knowledge in heating and cooling and building science. While it was the building portion of the job that drew me to the position, it has been the use of a variety of skills and the constant learning process that has kept me inspired.

I’ve experienced a year full of learning and growth for me personally and professionally. I look forward to continuing to help our members and learn more each day.

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Brian Hawk is the energy advisor at Noble REMC.