Ask the energy advisor

Posted on Feb 27 2019 in Noble REMC
By Brian Hawk
Brian Hawk

No, it’s not the latest technology at your favorite airport. It’s not the center of the wheel on a Smart car either. It is, however, the best way for you to manage your account at Noble REMC.

The SmartHub app is loaded with options from something as easy as viewing and paying your monthly bill, to setting use alerts to protect your wallet. In between, you can report an outage, set up outage alerts and view our outage map to see local impact. You also have the ability to make payment arrangements if you are running a little short on funds in a certain month.

As the energy advisor, my personal favorite is the “Usage” category. You can view a breakdown of your use from the previous day, week, year or beyond, providing you data to help you consume electricity more efficiently.

One of the handiest tools we can offer members is the use alert function, which allows you to set low-use and high-use notifications. With the frigid temperatures we had at the end of January, this had the potential to save you a great deal by notifying and allowing you to adjust your settings to lower your energy and cost.

When you set use alerts slightly above or below your daily average, the app will send you a text and an email when you use an amount of energy outside of your normal average for the day. This can help our geothermal and air-source heat pump members to watch for exceeded use of their emergency/auxiliary heat, as well as our members who go to Florida for the winter and want to keep an eye on their use at home.

There are more functions and benefits of using the SmartHub app than I have space in this column. Please call Noble REMC for more information and learn how to sign up today.

Brian Hawk is the energy advisor at Noble REMC.