Ask Rosie: July 2023

Posted on Jun 27 2023 in Backyard
Shelley Oberwetter's mystery plant.
Shelley Oberwetter’s mystery plant.


Do you know what this plant is? — Shelley Oberwetter, Culver, Indiana


It would be helpful to know the context of where this plant is located: Is it something you planted in a garden? Or did you find it growing “wild”? Do you notice a strong odor when handling the foliage, said to be camphor-like?

My best guess is common tansy, Tanacetum vulgare var. crispum, an herbaceous perennial that spreads vegetatively by rhizomes. Additional information on common tansy, courtesy of Illinois Wildflower, can be found here:

Steve Clark's tulip tree.
Steve Clark’s tulip tree.


It looks as if we have some type of borer in one of, what I thought was, our healthiest tulip trees.
It appears to be dying, and I was hoping that there might be a way to save it. We’ve started watering it extensively, put down a bit of fertilizer (14-14-14, I think), and added some mulch to keep moisture around the roots. Any advice is welcome!  — Steve Clark, Tippecanoe County


Wow, that’s quite a bit of damage. I can’t tell anything specific from the images you sent, but I wonder if there is more than one problem at work here? Is the tree starting to show any signs of regrowth? I suggest you submit a sample to the Purdue Plant and Pest Diagnostic Lab at to get a proper diagnosis. You can start with digital images, and they will advise if they want you to follow up
with physical samples. 

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Longtime Indiana Connection contributor B. ROSIE LERNER, a Tipmont REMC consumer, is a retired Purdue Extension consumer horticulturist.