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Experience Bloomington’s ethnic cuisine

Posted on Sep 26 2022 in Indiana Eats
Anyetsang's Little Tibet Restaurant
A variety of dishes from Anyetsang’s Little Tibet Restaurant.

Whether you have a hankering for a kimchi pancake or a kebab — or if you just want to expand your culinary horizons — Bloomington, Indiana, is the place to go. Home to Indiana University, Bloomington has attracted people from all over the world who come to live and learn. You can experience different cultures, one bite at time, at the plethora of ethnic restaurants (more than 75!) that dot this southern Indiana town. Here are just a few:

Anyetsang’s Little Tibet Restaurant

Himalayan/Nepalese, Thai, Indian cuisine

415 E. 4th St.

Try: Momo Tibetan dumplings, curries, mango lassi (yogurt-based drink)

Burma Garden

Burmese cuisine

413 E. 4th St.

Try: Fried rice, pho, tea leaf salad

Café Bali

Indonesian cuisine

210 S. Grant St.

Try: Boba and milk teas, beef   rendang (Indonesian curry), ramen

Do Asian Fusion Cuisine and Lounge

Asian Fusion cuisine

404 E. 4th St.

Try: Korean fried chicken, ramen

The Irish Lion

Irish cuisine

212 W. Kirkwood Ave.

Try: Blarney Puff Balls (fried potato balls), fish and chips, lamb chops

Korea Restaurant

Korean cuisine

409 E. 4th St.

Try: Bibimbap, kimbabs (a Korean version of norimaki sushi), kimchi pancake

Le Petit Café

French cuisine

308 W. 6th St.

Try: Crepes, steak dinner

Samira Restaurant

Afghan cuisine

100 W. 6th St.

Try: Vegetarian items, kebabs, aushak (steamed dumplings)

Siam House

Thai cuisine

430 E. 4th St.

Try: Pineapple fried rice, pad thai

Taste of India

Indian cuisine

316 E. 4th St.

Try: Butter chicken, chicken pasanda