Are you ready to serve?

Posted on Jan 06 2023 in Noble REMC
President and CEO

In one of the most notable inaugural speeches ever, President John F. Kennedy spoke his famous words, “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” His inspiring words urged Americans to take actions that benefited the greater good, because our country thrives when we all contribute our talents to a common goal. 

On a smaller scale, the same can be said about our co-op, specifically about our board members. Noble REMC’s directors are community-minded individuals with a variety of skill sets. Our board is composed of farmers, business owners, bus drivers and more. We rely on their many talents to help us make informed decisions on long-term priorities and investments. Our directors live right here in our service area, and we consider them the eyes and ears of the community because they provide their perspective on important local issues. 

We recognize it takes many people with different skills to create a well-rounded board that can represent the full spectrum of our community. That’s why when we’re seeking new directors, we want leaders with diverse perspectives, experience, expertise and views. We’re seeking local members of our community who can apply their unique talents to benefit all our friends and neighbors. But above all else, we’re looking for folks who love our community and want to see it thrive now and in the future. 

The energy industry is undergoing a major transition. Technology advancements and an increased preference for more renewable energy is driving change. Noble REMC is facing big decisions, and board members have an opportunity to help chart a course for our future. To serve the community best, we need input from a wide range of people that represent the broad spectrum of views within the community. 

To run for election

While you don’t need to be an expert in electricity or business to run, you do need to have a passion for the community and a willingness to serve and learn. We’re looking for individuals who can represent the full gamut of the members we serve. 

There are three districts up for election this year:

District 4: All of DeKalb County served by Noble REMC and parts of Salem Township in Steuben County and Perry Township in Allen County.

District 5: Sparta and York townships in Noble County and part of Turkey Creek Township in Kosciusko County.

District 9: Green Township in Noble County.

To run for election, qualified members of Noble REMC, who live in Districts 4, 5 or 9, must file a petition with the signatures of 15 Noble REMC members supporting the candidacy. 

The REMC will provide the petitions for election, as well as other board information, and completed petitions and biographical information must be returned to the cooperative no later than March 20.

For more information about the board of directors’ election process, do not hesitate to call our office at 800-933-7362.