Arbor Day roots

KV REMC spreads seedlings

Posted on May 01 2018 in Kankakee Valley REMC

Darrell Marks, energy advisor at Kankakee Valley REMC, asked fourth graders to remind parents not to plant trees that would grow up into power lines and to call 811 before digging as part of KV REMC’s Arbor Day program.

Commitment to Community is a cooperative principle that Kankakee Valley REMC puts into practice many times throughout the year. Our most recent community outreach program was the sponsorship of trees for Arbor Day. We visited 10 fourth grade classrooms in schools throughout our service territory with a message of electrical safety when planting trees. Students received a seedling that came with proper care instructions.

Our sponsorship of this program is twofold.

  • We see this as an opportunity to share with students our appreciation for the environment and the need to protect our natural resources. Trees keep the air clean by removing carbon dioxide and generating fresh oxygen.
  • We also are able to promote power line awareness and safety and share proper tree planting techniques. During the classroom visit, we reminded students to have their parents call 811 before digging any hole to plant a tree and to have them think about how tall the tree will grow. It’s important to plant a tree in a location where its mature height will not be too close to power lines. 

“Our Arbor Day school program showcases the ways that KV REMC is supporting our community, education and the environment. We hope the safety pamphlet we send home with each presentation will not only be a lesson to the student, but a reminder to their parents, too,” said Amanda Steeb, director of marketing and communications for the cooperative. 

Since 2011, more than 6,600 fourth graders in schools throughout the KV REMC service territory have received and planted trees through the efforts of this program.