April 9 is Lineman Appreciation Day

Posted on Mar 26 2018 in Southern Indiana Power

Southern Indiana Power is proud to recognize our linemen and power delivery professionals. These are the people in the field who work hard every day to ensure we have safe, reliable power.

Their job is dirty and dangerous and comes at all hours of the day or night. When storms destroy the wires and poles they helped build, our lineworkers are the first to respond. They work to keep the area safe and because of them other public safety officers can do their jobs.

Lineworkers brave bitter cold, oppressive heat and Mother Nature’s unpredictable fury to get the lights back on safely and keep them on. Training is extensive, and skill improvement is ongoing.

Whether restoring power after a natural disaster, maintaining lines or building new service, working with thousands of volts of electricity is dangerous.

Southern Indiana Power is proud of the 14 lineworkers who manage 1,600 miles of line across our service territory, making sure the lights stay on.

It’s an honor to celebrate their hard work and that of all the co-op employees who work behind the scenes every day on behalf of our 7,600 members.

On April 9, tip your hat, give a shout out or just say thanks to the men and women who work diligently behind the scenes to keep electricity flowing safely and reliably.

Show your appreciation by thanking our linemen using #ThankALineman.