Annual meeting recap

Minutes of the 80th annual meeting of Marshall County REMC

Posted on Apr 24 2018 in Marshall County REMC

Members of Marshall County REMC elected directors to the cooperative’s board of directors at the annual meeting. Pictured from left are Jon Rettinger, Steve Ringer, Robert Broeker, Andy Lemler, Mikel Large, Dr. Richard Leeper and Steve Roberts.

The meeting was called to order by Robert Broeker, chairman of the board of directors.  The minutes were recorded by Jon Rettinger, secretary of the board of directors. David Fortin, representing the Stevens, Travis and Fortin law firm, served as parliamentarian.

Broeker welcomed the members and requested them to stand for the playing of the national anthem. Broeker led members in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Oliver Dongell, senior pastor of Plymouth Wesleyan Church, led the invocation.  

Broeker introduced the board of directors; Mark Batman, CEO; David Fortin, attorney and parliamentarian; and himself.

Broeker introduced our guests — Nathan Spence and Joel Cornell of Wabash Valley Power Association, Gary Gerlach and Kodi Swafford representing Indiana Electric Cooperatives, and Lauren Varga representing U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly.

Rettinger read the proof of mailing of the official notice of the 80th annual meeting and the certificate of voting members.  The approved membership on March 3 was 7,280 with 1,146 members receiving service at two or more places. Quorum is 2 percent or 123 members. He stated a quorum was present consisting of 245 members registered.

Broeker asked the members if they wanted the minutes of the 79th annual meeting read, or if they would like to waive the reading and approve them as mailed.

A motion was made by Joseph Decavitch and seconded by Eldon Sauer to approve the minutes of the 79th annual meeting as mailed to each member with their official notice. Motion carried.

Broeker recognized the nominating committee —Craig Hawley, chairman; Mike Boys, committee secretary; Michael Fitterling; Meryl Hayn; Lowell Lemler; and Kaye Schultz. Boys read the minutes of the nominating committee held on Jan. 12. The following members were nominated for director by the committee: Brian Blosser, Robert Broeker, Harold Diedrich and Steve Ringer.

Broeker stated that the bylaws provide for nominations from the floor. No names were offered.

Broeker stated the program had a brief biography of the candidates.

Rettinger reviewed and discussed the 2017 financial report. He noted that purchased power accounted for 56.2 percent of operating costs and that operating costs for the REMC had remained stable for the past several years. He also noted the balance sheet details. He stated the financial records are audited by London Witte Group. Auditors discussed the REMC finances with the board of directors.

 A motion was made by Linda Starr and seconded by Anna Breeding to approve the financial report for calendar 2017.  Motion carried.     

Fortin read the results of the member balloting for directors. He stated that Robert Broeker and Steve Ringer were re-elected to the board of directors for three-year terms.

Broeker thanked the director candidates for their commitment to the REMC and for participating in the election process.  

A short video was presented recognizing REMC employees. Batman thanked the employees for their dedicated service and commitment to the cooperative.  

Batman gave the manager’s report. He discussed the future issues regarding the distribution system, which include the smart grid, automated metering and the smart grid hub. He also discussed the opportunity to provide Marshall County with fiber optic broadband internet access in partnership with RTC Communications.

Broeker opened the meeting to new and old business. There was no further business.

A drawing was held for 32 door prize awards, including six trees donated by Mint City Tree Company. A volunteer from the audience assisted with the drawing.

Brandt Blackford and Kaelyn Conklin won the children’s prizes.

Following the business session, The Stampede String Band provided an enjoyable musical program.

$50 bill credit winners:

James Scobey

Lloyd Fish

Ashley Burkhart

Ralph Costello

Eric Fitz

Carl Dillman

IOOF Lodge 373

Brock Brothers

Anna Breeding

June Pullen

Donald Miller Jr.

Glen Anders

Dennis Stutzman

Oliver Dongel

Robin Howe

Leo Hartman

Dr. James Rimel

Karen Betz

Eldon Sauer

Lori Pfeiffer


$150 bill credit winners:

Schylor McCartney

J Rogers Services

Daniel Semonis

Martel Jennings

Marshall Pranger


$500 bill credit — Grand prize Winner:

Eldon Reed


Kids Drawing Winners:

Brandt Blackford 

Kaelyn Conklin


Mint city tree Winners:

Lambie Wallace

August Young

J L Amones

John Sahloff

Carolyn McAfee

James Martin


Oldest lady in attendance award:

Doris Kepler, 90


Oldest Gentleman in attendance award:

Dr. James Rimel, 95


Marshall County REMC would like to thank Plymouth Wesleyan Church for the support and assistance with the annual meeting!