Annual Meeting recap

Posted on Jul 06 2023 in LaGrange County REMC
Roger Domer at LaGrange County REMC Annual Meeting
LaGrange County REMC Board President Roger Domer addresses annual meeting viewers.

Thanks to all our members and guests who joined us for the LaGrange County REMC Annual Meeting that was held virtually on June 9. For those who couldn’t attend online, you can view the meeting on our Facebook page. 

Board President Roger Domer explained the voting process that concluded on June 8. For the fourth consecutive year, online and mail-in voting took place for a month prior to the meeting.

“There were a total of 790 online and mail-in votes submitted. The LaGrange County REMC Board of Directors strives to make decisions that will positively impact the membership of the whole cooperative. We appreciate

the opportunity to serve you, our members,” Domer noted.

Two directors were reelected in unopposed races. They were Michael Huppenthal in District 1 and Terry Holsinger in District 2.

CEO Mark Leu also addressed the members who were watching. He touched on a main reason the meeting was held virtually.

“As we near the end of the main build out of our fiber internet project later this year, we are already anticipating how we may offer some hybrid form of the old, in-person meeting combined with the more popular virtual format we are currently using,” Leu noted. 

Leu reflected on the broadband project and the obstacles the cooperative faced. “As we’ve communicated over the course of this project, our timeline has been hampered by quite a few obstacles, the two biggest being material shortages and contractor availability and performance. The material shortages seem to be behind us, but securing the appropriate contract labor to perform at the pace we desire continues to be a challenge.”  

Leu predicted that by the end of the summer, internet connections would increase to around 100 accounts a week, up significantly from about 35 per week back in May and June.

We hope to see you all at next year’s annual meeting!

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