Annual meeting recap

Posted on Aug 07 2022 in Miami-Cass REMC
Karen Chester
Miami-Cass REMC employee Karen Chester, right, speaks to attendees at the meeting.

The 83rd annual Member Appreciation Day and Annual Meeting of Miami-Cass REMC was held June 16 at the Peru Circus Building. Total attendance at the meeting was over 800 with 300 registered members representing nearly 6.1 percent of the total voting membership.

All registered members who attended received a thermal tote and a $15 bill credit, and were entered into a drawing to win $500 and $100 bill credits. Attendees were able to enjoy a buffet meal provided by Nelson’s Port-A-Pit of Wakarusa and entertainment courtesy of the Peru Amateur Circus.

Miami-Cass REMC employee Mike Barron welcomed everyone, Dr. Cole Westwood gave the invocation, and the national anthem was sung by Grant Ebert, a student at North Miami High School. 

REMC Board President Jim Savage called the meeting to order and thanked everyone for coming. He thanked the circus performers, leaders and coaches for a great show. He then briefly commented on the ongoing fiber project to help bring high-speed broadband to the rural communities. He then thanked all of the REMC and Broadway Broadband employees, staff and CEO for their dedication and hard work. 

CEO Rob Schwartz then addressed the members.

Jeremy Fetty, Miami-Cass REMC attorney, announced that the board appointments ran uncontested this year and that the following board members were thus duly elected to serve for another three-year term. 

Director election results:

DISTRICT 1 — Cindy Scott

DISTRICT 4 — Mark Hahn

The meeting concluded with the selection of scholarship winners and winners of $500 and $100 bill credits. The winners were: 

Scholarship winners

  • Sarah Kistler
  • Madelyn Rogers
  • Tristin Miller
  • Parker Johnson
  • Elizabeth Rogers
  • Kaylie Williams

Bill Credit winners

  • $500 — Patricia Fry
  • $100 — Gary Rowe
  • $100 — Brandon Williams
  • $100 — Denise Morgan
  • $100 — Bradley Rogers
  • $100 — James Prior
  • $100 — Anita Doan
  • $100 — Jonathan Morgan
Peru Circus
The Peru Amateur Circus entertained annual meeting attendees. 

MC REMC prize winners
Bill credit winners included, from left, Jonathan Morgan, Denise Morgan, Patricia Fry, Anita Doan and James Prior.

MC REMC Scholarship winners
Scholarship winners in attendance were, from left, Tristin Miller, Sarah Kistler and Elizabeth Rogers.