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Mini-split systems are efficient, secure

Posted on Jul 26 2021 in Energy
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Do you have a room that never reaches the temperature you set at your thermostat?

You are not alone! There are many reasons to consider adding additional heating and cooling to trouble areas like this and there is a solution I have found that is efficient and secure.

Known as mini-split heat pumps, these units don’t require ductwork to provide heating and cooling solutions to your home. These units have their own thermostat and can condition up to four rooms. 

A common question I get about these systems is “Are they energy efficient?” Overall, yes. They are efficient because air does not have to move from the unit located on one side of your home through ductwork to the other side. Mini-split systems are installed on a wall and the heat pump is placed outside in close proximity to the wall unit. This is one way these units help increase efficiency.

Another common question is “Why shouldn’t I just use a window unit?” They are cheaper to purchase and don’t require professional installation but there are three things I want you to keep in mind: 

  • Window units only offer cool air.
  • They tend to be noisy. 
  • They can reduce the security of your home as it can be challenging to secure the windows they are installed in.

Conducting an energy efficiency audit is always something I recommend before moving forward with a system like this. If you find that additional heating and cooling is needed for a space in your home, mini-split systems provide a safe, efficient solution to consider.

MATT BRAMES is manager of cooperative communications for Dubois REC in Jasper, Indiana.