Account Notifications Offered to Members

Posted on Jul 01 2020 in Harrison REMC

Harrison REMC offers a service that allows members to authorize the REMC to send text, email, or phone notifications to alert them to specific messages from the co-op. Below is a list of notifications that are offered by the co-op. 

  • Invoice Processed: A message indicating your REMC bill has been generated.
  • TWO-Day Reminder: Sent two days in advance of your bill being due.
  • SEVEN-Day Reminder: Sent seven days in advance of your bill being due.
  • Payment Receipt: Sent anytime a payment is made on the account.
  • Cut-off Notification: Sent two days prior to the account being disconnected for non-pay.
  • Daily Use: A message showing your daily kWh use.
  • High Use Notification: You set a kWh daily use. If it is exceeded, we will send you an alert. (Please alert me when my daily kWh exceeds:  ________  kWh)
  • Special Alert: Notification of REMC events such as annual meeting, bus trips, member appreciation day, etc.
  • Beat the Peak: Notification of “peak” demand periods; a time for members to reduce energy use if possible.

Please contact the office to let us know if you are interested, and we can either mail or email you the form. If you want to choose the notifications online, you can log in into your online bill pay account and click on the notifications tab in the left column and choose the notifications you wish to receive. Contact the office at 812-738-4115 or 812-951-2323 if you have any questions about this service.