A cooperative meal

Prepare your lunch with products produced by co-ops for National Cooperative Month

Posted on Oct 01 2015 in For Youth, Kids Projects

Cooperative mealCelebrate with your electric co-op by creating a cooperative meal. Make your lunch with products produced by co-ops — wheat, jelly, raisins, butter, juice, milk and so much more. Plus, prepare your meal with a friend or family member to make your meal even more cooperative!

What is a cooperative?

A cooperative is a non-profit organization that is owned and run by its members. Unlike for-profit businesses, members of cooperatives share the profits, which allows them to financially benefit from the company.

These member-owners can serve on the board of directors and attend annual meetings to influence the cooperative. The board of directors sets policies and procedures for the co-op’s employees to implement.

Cooperatives are all around us. Examples include credit unions, mutual insurance companies, housing co-ops, consumer goods co-ops, distribution co-ops, producer co-ops and, of course, electric co-ops!

Throughout the United States, electric cooperatives serve an estimated 42 million people, according to the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. Indiana’s electric cooperatives serve 1.3 million people in 89 of the state’s 92 counties.

Not only do cooperatives generate and distribute electricity for you, they also grow and produce the food you eat every day.