85th year celebration has record participation

Posted on May 25 2021 in Boone REMC

The first drive-thru annual meeting was a success with a record number of members registered. A total of 1,482 members registered this year: 1,120 members mailed in their registration and 362 registered members came to the meeting in their vehicles. All members who registered prior to Diamond Anniversary Annual Meeting have received a $20 bill credit on their May bill. Those in attendance recieved a bill credit and a $20 voucher to Titus Bakery in Lebanon.  

Financial information was presented at the business meeting, which was streamed live on Facebook Live and YouTube. Information is also available on the website. Fifteen scholarship recipients were randomly drawn at the close of the meeting. They include the following students:

  • Taylor Sorg – Zionsville 
  • Amilia Pletch – Zionsville 
  • Dane Stahlhut – Lebanon 
  • Sarah Beck – Zionsville 
  • Jaelin Lunato – Zionsville 
  • Michael Hemmerle – Lebanon 
  • Jack Flemm – Whitestown 
  • Laurel Flemm – Whitestown 
  • Elyse Heiser – Zionsville 
  • Jackson Gangwer –Lebanon 
  • Brooklyn Martin – Whitestown 
  • Lane Taylor – Sheridan 
  • Maxwell Boxell – Zionsville 
  • Denae Snyder – Zionsville 
  • Luke Revercomb – Zionsville 
Employees registering vehicles at annual meeting
Boone REMC employees Krista Shields, Julie Grinstead, and Rhonda Conley register cars at 9 a.m. Members arrived before the drive-thru began.

Cars driving through the hall
Cars drove through the newly named Boone REMC Hall. Booths along the way included stops for prizes, voting and a greeting from CEO and President Bill Conley.

Staff putting up a tent
Employees Trisha Black, Ben Duke, Melinda King and Shane Barthuly work together to move a tent for the first-ever drive-thru event.

Drone photo at BREMC annual meeting
A drone was flown over the 4-H Fairgrounds to capture the event and those that came out Saturday, April 17, to celebrate the first electric cooperative in the state.

Mike Vores
Mike Vores directs traffic at the 4-H Fairgrounds where 362 members came to vote and collect their rewards for participating in Boone REMC’s 85th anniversary celebration.

Age demographic chart