4-H Electric: not just a project, but a life skill

Posted on Aug 01 2018 in Miami-Cass REMC

Thomas Mills, right, discusses his 4-H Electric project.

Thomas Mills just finished his fifth year of submitting 4-H Electric projects. A homeschooled student from Cass County, he will be starting his junior year this fall. It’s Mills’ eighth year participating in 4-H, but he didn’t start submitting electric projects until his fourth year. 

Mills’ first project was a shaker light. However, he admits his favorite was the lamp he submitted as his third-year project. He chose to make a leg lamp, similar to the one seen in the movie “A Christmas Story.” 

For this year’s project, Mills made a mock wall that houses a four-way switch. The project, which took about 72 hours complete, provided him with experience in electricity along with knowledge in construction and drywall. 

Although his lamp has been his favorite project, he said that he learned the most from this year’s project. Mills was mentored by his father and Steve Hewitt of Hewitt Electric for the electrical part of the project. A family friend provided guidance on the construction portion.

Mill’s mother, Cara, appreciates 4-H for helping her son learn those necessary life skills. Three other Mills siblings participate in 4-H, with two completing electric projects.

In addition to learning through his own projects, Mills is able pass on the skills he has learned to his younger siblings. He really appreciates the open judging for electric projects since it provides him the opportunity to learn even more from the judges.

Between Cass and Miami counties, over 60 kids submitted 4-H Electric projects this year. Congratulations to all who participated. At right, you can see a list of winners.

2018 4-H Electric project winners



Division 1

Champion — Jason Gluth

Reserve Champion — Brody Hills

Honors — Kaycee Jackson

Division 2

Champion — Kevin Gluth

Reserve Champion — Adam Evans

Division 3

Champion — Elijah Sedam

Reserve Champion — Braden Rush

Division 4

Champion — Jeffrey Mills

Division 5-10 (Electronics)

Champion — Katherine Cress

Division 5-10 (Electricity)

Champion — Daniel McKaig

Reserve Champion — Braden Harrison



Division 1

Champion — Callie France

Reserve Champion — Isaiah Butcher

Division 2

Champion — Graham Mellah

Reserve Champion — Hannah Early

Division 3

Champion — Joannah Wildermuth

Reserve Champion — Lucas Musser

Division 4

Champion — Eric Brown

Reserve Champion — Isaac Lorenz

Division 5-10 (Electronics)

Champion — Matthew Willson

Division 5-10 (Electricity)

Champion — Lincoln Wildermuth