4-H electric group tours REMC facilities

Posted on Aug 09 2023 in Marshall County REMC

The 4-H electric group had the opportunity to tour the Marshall County REMC Marco substation, located just east of Michigan Road south of Argos. This new substation is owned by Wabash Valley Power Alliance, Marshall County REMC’s wholesale power provider. The Marco substation serves members in the southern part of Marshall County. 

The 4-H electric group also got to tour the new Marshall County Fiber hut. Marshall County Fiber is a partnership between Marshall County REMC and RTC Communications. Marshall County Fiber provides dependable, reliable, high-speed internet to the rural community. 

Marco substation fun facts:

  • Cost to build: $5.5 million
  • Serves 1,100 customers
  • A substation transforms voltage from high to low or low to high 
  • The Marco substation steps down 69,000 to 12,470 volts
  • Under the Marco substation is a grounding grid, which helps protect equipment and occupants
    in the substation from the dangers of high voltage