2021 residential rebates

Posted on Oct 04 2021 in Southern Indiana Power
HVAC system

Your electric cooperative is offering a 2021 residential rebate for qualifying equipment (water heaters, geothermal heat pumps and air source, ductless mini split or dual fuel heat pumps). 

To qualify, a resident must occupy the home where equipment is installed year-round (12 months) and unit must heat and cool whole home unless otherwise stated.

Water heater (heat pump or hybrid): $500. New construction or replacing gas or electric.

Geothermal heat pump: $1,500. New construction or replacing electric resistance heat, gas, heat pump or geothermal.

Air Source or Dual Fuel Heat Pumps: $750 – $1,500. Heat pump replacing gas existing AC or heat pump or new construction. Heat pump replacing 100% electric resistance heat.

Mini-Split Heat Pump: $300 – $1,500. Single room or whole home installation.