2021 Cooperative Calendar of Student Art Contest Winners

Posted on Aug 13 2020 in General

Congratulations to the 2021 Cooperative Calendar of Student Art Contest winners! Their award-winning artwork will be featured in the 2022 Cooperative Calendar of Student Art and in the November 2021 issue of Indiana Connection. Here are the winners and their artworks:


Lily Jones artwork
Kindergarten: Lily Jones, Charlestown (Front Cover)

Violet Kesler artwork
First Grade: Violet Kesler, Warsaw (January)

Olivia DeShamp artwork
Second Grade: Olivia DeShamp, Jasper (February)

Evie Huff artwork
Third Grade: Evie Huff, Monrovia (March)

Sakai A. Fontarez artwork
Fourth Grade: SaRai A. Fontanez, Seymour (April)

Fifth Grade: Logan Huff, Monrovia (May)

Harley Koons artork
Sixth Grade: Harley Koons, Seymour (June)

Brian Yoder artwork
Seventh Grade: Bryan Michael Yoder, Shipshewana (July)

Hannah Stewart artwork
Eighth Grade: Hannah Stewart, Salem (August)

Mary Batz artwork
Ninth Grade: Mary Batz, Williams (September)

10th Grade: Elizabeth Miller, South Whitley (October)

Danielle Sommerman artwork
11th Grade: Danielle Sommerman, English (November)


Evan Olinger artwork
12th Grade: Evan Olinger, Sellersburg (December)


Ellie Sherman artwork
Kindergarten: Ellie Sherman, Flora

Primrose Jones artwork
First Grade: Primrose Jones, Charlestown

Victoria White artork
Second Grade: Victoria White, Medora

Knox Coen artwork
Third Grade: Knox Coen, Fairland

Fourth Grade: David White, Medora

Ally Brown artwork
Fifth Grade: Ally Brown, South Whitley

Jeremy Loveras artwork
Sixth Grade: Jeremy Loveras, Lebanon

Alessandra Dominguez Javier artwork
Seventh Grade: Alessandra Dominguez Javier, Seymour

Heidi Kreutz artwork
Eighth Grade: Heidi Kreutz, Seymour

Lauren Brewster artwork
Ninth Grade: Lauren Brewster, Portland

Sanchali Pothuru
10th Grade: Sanchali Pothuru, Carmel

11th Grade: Kayla Florian, Morocco

12th Grade: Emmaline Zink, Winona Lake