2021 Annual Meeting Report

Posted on Mar 10 2022 in Clark County REMC

In 2021, for the second consecutive year, REMC members elected directors by early voting without an in-person annual meeting due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, which continued its spread throughout the United States and the world. 

Gov. Eric Holcomb issued a series of monthly Executive Orders continuing his declaration of a public health emergency. Under these directives, the gathering of large crowds was to be avoided without precautions such as wearing masks and maintaining safe social distancing. 

Annual meetings have historically drawn crowds of well more than 1,000 people. Under the circumstances, it would have been impractical to maintain safe social distancing. It was determined that an in-person annual meeting would pose a public health risk. The board of directors invoked the cooperative’s bylaws and canceled 

the in-person annual meeting due to the public health emergency. 

The election of directors for Districts 4 and 5 was held by electronic voting and mail-in paper ballots as allowed by the bylaws. This report serves as the record of the election results for 2021, in place of in-person meeting minutes. 

Prior to voting, the following persons were nominated by written petition signed by a minimum of fifteen (15) members:

In District 4 the nominees were incumbent Director Joseph “Joe” Basham and Jennifer James Koenig. 


In District 5 the nominees were Robert “Bob” Kleehamer and Mark Huber.

The 2021 election results were prepared, certified, and notarized by Survey and Ballot Systems (SBS), an independent third-party company hired by REMC to conduct the electronic and paper ballot voting. It was reported that there were 22,773 members eligible to vote in the 2021 election. In order to have a valid election, a quorum of members must vote. A quorum constitutes one-fiftieth of the total of all REMC members. REMC had 29% voter participation – a clear quorum – with 6,731 members casting their votes in the election. The officers of the Credentials and Election Committee certified the election results and declared the following winners:

In district 4, Joseph Basham was elected to a three-year term as director.

In District 5, Mark Huber was elected to a three-year term as Director. 

The REMC will resume in-person annual meetings in the future unless prevented by public health and safety or other emergency circumstances.

Old business — In reviewing the 2021 annual meeting minutes, found above, we found no unfinished or old business. If a member has any concern or suggestion to bring to the board of directors, please call our office during business hours. Topics must be reported to the Clark County REMC office no later than March 25, 2022, to be discussed at the April board meeting.