2020 President’s Report

Posted on Jun 03 2021 in Heartland REMC
Joh Smith

2020 was a year that we will not forget.  In some way, the year affected us all.Despite the chaos, Heartland REMC, as always, was here for our members.  

During the initial COVID-19 state quarantine lockdown, your REMC was only closed to the public for six weeks.  During this time, our employees were still in the offices making sure there were no interruptions in your electrical service.

More people than ever were home during 2020, and Heartland REMC worked hard throughout the year to make sure that your electrical service continued to be reliable.  The average electric outage in 2020 was 69 minutes.  U.S. electrical industry standard is 90 minutes, meaning as a Heartland REMC member, your service reliability is some of the best in the industry. 

Heartland REMC continued to improve through 2020, with the best reliability and rollout of the broadband building phase, your REMC still managed to keep your rates the same for the 3rd consecutive year. 

Over the last year Heartland REMC has continued to prove that the cooperative is here for us, the members.