2020 Cooperative Calendar of Student Art

Posted on Sep 26 2019 in General

The 2020 Cooperative Calendar of Student Art will be available for distribution at participating Indiana electric co-op offices around the state in the coming weeks (… and into the mailboxes of consumers of Newton County REMC with their November issue of Indiana Connection).

Here’s a preview of the 22nd annual edition of the calendar, and your introduction to 2020’s “Artist of the Year,” Crawford County High School student Danielle Sommerman.

The calendar will be illustrated with the winning works from the student art contest that Indiana electric cooperatives held last spring. Over 1,800 entries from all grades, K-12, from all over Indiana were entered.

As with the previous contests, students were asked to create artwork illustrating the month assigned to their grade division. First graders in the 2018-19 school year were assigned January; second graders had February; third graders had March; and so on, ending with 12th graders illustrating December. Kindergartners were given the coveted cover position which allowed them to illustrate whatever they wanted.

In addition to the 13 grade division winners, nine additional works were selected at large for honorable mentions. These works will appear in a special section in the calendar. 

A total of $3,375 in prize money was shared among the 22 student artists.

Information about the art contest to illustrate the 2021 calendar, which has a March 20, 2020, entry deadline, is now available at IndianaConnection.org.

Announcing … our 2020 winners!

Thirteen outstanding artists were our winners in this year’s 2020 Cooperative Calendar of Student Art!

See the winning artwork at https://www.indianaconnection.org/2020-cooperative-of-student-art-winners/

A salute to our 2020 honorable mention winners!

Nine students were also selected to receive honorable mentions. Their works will appear in a special four-page section in the 2020 Cooperative Calendar of Student Art.

View the honorable mention winners at https://www.indianaconnection.org/2020-calendar-art-contest-honorable-mentions/

Meet our Best of Show winner … Danielle Sommerman

Danielle Sommerman earned the title of “Best of Show” and “Artist of the Year” in the 2020 Cooperative Calendar of Student Art Contest.

Learn more about Danielle and about how she’s leaving a legacy at https://www.indianaconnection.org/leaving-a-legacy-2/