1,000 broadband connections

Posted on Aug 23 2023 in LaGrange County REMC
Mark Leu

It’s finally happened: We’ve reached 1,000 broadband connections! After almost three years of planning and building on our part, 1,000 customers are now able to access high-speed internet in their homes and businesses via their LaGrange County REMC Broadband service. And with the benefits these connections bring, this number is sure to rise — and quickly.

Like most other industries, we’ve faced obstacles over the past three years as the economy and labor force have faced fluctuations. We’ve dealt with everything from supply chain issues and labor shortages to inflation, along with pricing and budgetary considerations. But we’ve pressed on in our commitment to seeing these fiber build-outs through and to planning for the next rounds of installations.

There’s a certain amount of excitement that comes with bringing an anticipated service like this to a community that’s waited for it. It means LaGrange County residents will have access to internet speeds that rival those in more urban areas, and this fact broadens our horizons on several fronts. These speeds will allow for improvements in learning as students put our broadband to use in the classroom while working on STEM activities and deep dives into language arts assignments. And at home, whether they’re finishing homework or just relaxing with some gaming, kids in connected households will have unlimited possibilities for learning and play.

Our broadband build-outs will empower healthcare providers to install new technologies that can bring more accurate diagnoses and to put telemedicine to use so patients who need specialists no longer have to travel hours away to larger medical facilities. Lighting-fast internet is also a draw for businesses looking to relocate to more rural areas while maintaining communications around the country and the world. In a time when many refer to broadband as the fifth utility, reliable, fast connection is often essential to economic growth, and with that growth comes job opportunities.

As of now, the areas north of LaGrange, east of LaGrange, the Big Long Lake area, Howe and Scott offer LaGrange County REMC Broadband connections. We’re actively expanding our service, and the Cedar Lake, Pretty Prairie and Fawn River Crossing areas are next on the list. If you live or work in an area we’ve already connected to our network, visit broadband.lagrangeremc.com to take the first steps in signing up. And if we have yet to connect your area, we ask for your continued patience. We’re moving as quickly as we can, and it’s only a matter of time before you’re able to join our growing network.