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Gallery of Student Art

Welcome to our ‘Wall of Fame’

Our Gallery of Student Art Wall of Fame features all the winning works of art from the Cooperative Calendar of Student Art contests.

The first contest was held in the fall of 1998 and illustrated the 1999 cooperative calendar. These works illustrated the cooperative calendars made available by participating Indiana electric cooperatives from 1999-2019.

The contest has followed the same format since its inception (except for one calendar, 2002*). Each numbered grade is assigned the corresponding month of the year, and students are asked to create art that fits their assigned month:

  • 1st Grade/January;
  • 2nd Grade/February;
  • 3rd Grade/March;
  • 4th Grade/April;
  • 5th Grade/May;
  • 6th Grade/June;
  • 7th Grade/July;
  • 8th Grade/August;
  • 9th Grade/September;
  • 10th Grade/October;
  • 11th Grade/November;
  • 12th Grade/December.
  • Kindergartners have always been assigned the cover, allowing the youngest of our student artists to pursue any interest or theme.

Works for the 1999-2001 calendars were created in the fall just prior to the year of the calendar. Works from the 2002 to present calendars were judged the previous spring.

*The exception to the format was with the 2002 calendar when the monthly assignment for each grade was flipped (first graders were assigned December; second graders had November and so on with 12th graders having January).

To view the complete gallery by year, 1999-2019, or by grade, K-12, click on the links below.

By Year


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By Grade (Month)

Kindergarten (Cover)

1st Grade (January)

2nd Grade (February)

3rd Grade (March)

4th Grade (April)

5th Grade (May)

6th Grade (June)

7th Grade (July)

8th Grade (August)

9th Grade (September)

10th Grade (October)

11th Grade (November)

12th Grade (December)

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