Indiana Connection is unlike other magazines you may have come across. Our content celebrates the rural and suburban Indiana lifestyle, and also includes advice on how to stay safe around electricity and how to trim your energy bills. Plus, readers have access to the latest news about issues important to them as consumers of their member-owned electric cooperatives.

Over 310,000 Hoosiers from all over the state receive the magazine, which is published by Indiana Electric Cooperatives, through their memberships in their electric cooperatives. Just a membership in community-focused electric co-ops inspires loyalty and grassroots involvement, Indiana Connection has that same overwhelming support from its readership.

The magazine has informed, entertained and, most importantly, connected with its readers since its first issue in 1951, Back then, it was known as Indiana Rural News. Through the years, the multi-award-winning publication evolved from a tabloid newspaper, to one with a new moniker — Electric Consumer— which referred to its electric cooperative roots, to a slick stock magazine. Finally, in March 2019, we rebranded as Indiana Connection, a name chosen to reflect our strong ongoing relationship with our readers.

Our readers can’t be pigeon-holed by their background, occupation, age, gender or race. They are anyone and everyone.

They are uniquely “Indiana.”