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Delaware County

Posted on Nov 27 2023 in County

 By Nicole Thomas Delaware County kicked off the Indiana gas boom in 1876 when natural gas was first discovered in the state near the town of Eaton. Delaware County is also the home of Ball State University, which was renamed from the Indiana Normal College when the Ball brothers, a family of industrialists and philanthropists,… Continue reading.

Befores & Afters

Posted on Nov 27 2023 in Features

By Richard Biever The lovely lady from Lafayette brought Lavonne McCarty an old doll with sunken eyes and cracked facial features and limbs. The doll had belonged to and was loved on by her mother-in-law as a little girl. Her mother-in-law had just been moved into a nursing home. The doll came with a dress,… Continue reading.

Getting Credit

Posted on Nov 27 2023 in Energy

By Marty Lasure LET’S FACE IT: Tackling a home weatherization project can be like a trip to the dentist. You know you need to do it; you know the outcome will be worth it. But that doesn’t stop you from trying to put it off. While we can’t help those with dentophobia, if the cost… Continue reading.

Festival of Gingerbread

Posted on Nov 27 2023 in Travel

By Natalie Derrickson When the weather turns cold, one need only visit the Fort Wayne History Center’s Festival of Gingerbread to be enveloped in the warmth of the season and the tantalizing aroma of gingerbread.  During the festival’s run from Nov. 24 through Dec. 17, visitors can expect to see professional-level gingerbread creations, including depictions… Continue reading.

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