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Hot days remind us to use energy wisely

Posted on Jul 27 2020 in Features, Marshall County REMC

The hottest days of summer remind us that poor energy habits can make our house uncomfortable. It’s never too late to make a few changes around the house to help keep things cool. A bonus: You could lower your energy bill during air-conditioner season. Check for loose or leaky windowpanes. And notice if your home… Continue reading.

Furballs of Fame

Posted on Jul 23 2020 in Features

By Richard G. Biever You can never have enough confetti said Reggy Funfurhuggin, the purple party dude and official spokescharacter of the National Mascot Hall of Fame in Whiting. And with that, fanfare blew and confetti flew as the Hall welcomed the class of 2020 — its four newest furry, fleece and foam-faced members. Located… Continue reading.

Career Profile: Ensuring Power Keeps Flowing

Posted on Jul 23 2020 in Profile

Why did you choose to accept a job at an electric cooperative?  I grew up in this area and knew it was a great place to work. It’s a great family-like culture; everyone is here to help and that makes it such a nice work environment. What’s a typical day like? The most common day… Continue reading.

Making Your Pet Photos Bark and Purr

Posted on Jul 23 2020 in Pets

Nothing garners attention on social media these days like cute critter photos. The photos you make and share of your dog or cat can be just as memorable as the photos you see in magazines or on Instagram. But rarely do they just “happen.” Here are some tips to keep in mind to make your… Continue reading.

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