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Professional Progression: Keeping the meters running

Posted on Jan 22 2021 in Profile

Just out of high school, Scot Price was uncertain about the direction he wanted his life to take. He took a manufacturing job assembling electric meters in West Lafayette, knowing it wasn’t going to be long term.In 1990, he took a job on the other side of the meter — at Tipmont REMC — an… Continue reading.

Power lines during a storm

Common causes of power outages

Posted on Jan 21 2021 in Safety

Power outages are never convenient. Sometimes, it’s no mystery why we are left in the dark, like when lightning and thunder rattle windows and walls. Other times, an outage may come out of the blue. The length of time it takes to restore power will vary by the cause. Most electric cooperatives attempt to share… Continue reading.

Vineyards at Valentine’s

Posted on Jan 21 2021 in Features

Valentine’s Day has always meant wining and dining, dancing and romancing. But this year, the continuing cloud of COVID-19 has kept Cupid on the q.t. Leave it to Indiana’s enterprising wineries and vineyards to keep the crafted potables Hoosiers have come to love accessible and a part of this Feb. 14 or any special occasion,… Continue reading.

County Profile: Jackson County

Posted on Jan 21 2021 in County

Jackson County was not named after the President Andrew Jackson — contrary to popular perception. Rather, it was named in honor of Gen. Andrew Jackson, the hero of the Battle of New Orleans at the end of the War of 1812. Obviously, the same person — but different circumstances. Jackson County was formed in 1816,… Continue reading.

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