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Grow an eggshell garden

Posted on Apr 09 2021 in Features

What you need Eggs Bowl Egg carton Newspaper Cup Potting soil Water Spoon Grass seed Spray bottle (optional) What to do Crack each egg, very carefully, really close to the top of the shell, all the way around the shell. (Crack it close to the top so that you have a deep cavity in which… Continue reading.

‘Co-op’ is in his blood

Posted on Mar 25 2021 in Profile

If ever someone was destined for a career in the electric cooperative industry, it would have to be Blake Kleaving. The Perry County native is a third-generation co-op guy who’s already had multiple jobs, including college internships, with multiple electric cooperative organizations large and small. “Every step of the way,” he said, “it’s all been… Continue reading.

Keep your distance from downed power lines

Posted on Mar 25 2021 in Safety

Power lines crisscross our countryside, bringing the benefits of electricity. But storms or accidents can knock them from their perch and put them on the ground or within reach. Just because they’re down doesn’t mean they’re dead. “Keeping your distance from downed power lines and knowing what to do if you see one are the… Continue reading.

Utopia on the Wabash

Posted on Mar 25 2021 in Travel

Robert Owen’s Utopian experiment in New Harmony, Indiana, may have lasted only a few short years. But through the coming months of 2021, his legacy in the historic and beautiful southwestern Indiana Wabash River town will be revisited in various in-person and virtual events celebrating his 250th birthday.   Owen was the Welsh-born industrialist and… Continue reading.

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