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Haute Dogs

Posted on Jun 28 2020 in Features

Humble hot dog no more! Celebrate National Hot Dog Month by upgrading everyone’s favorite summertime staple. Set up a toppings bar of creative extras to bring out the best in the wurst. Turn the page to find out how. By adding a few tasty extras, your dog can explode with flavor. First step in setting… Continue reading.

Nurtured by nature

Posted on Jun 27 2020 in Travel

The restorative power of nature is a recurrent theme in literature, music and art. And if ever Hoosiers could use a little restorative power, it’s right about now. If you are looking to get away this month, but maybe not to a crowded or far away place, Indiana offers a diverse group of public campgrounds…. Continue reading.

Safeguard electronics with surge protectors

Posted on Jun 27 2020 in Safety

Nearby lightning strikes are most often associated with power surges in your home’s wiring that can damage electronics and appliances. But smaller power surges — voltage increases above the intended level in the flow of electricity — are far more common and can happen at any time of day, regardless of weather. Surge protectors are… Continue reading.

Here’s to you

Posted on Jun 27 2020 in Features

By Richard G. Biever As president of her graduating class, Abby Bannon was expected to deliver the traditional speech welcoming classmates, family, faculty and friends to the 2020 Crawfordsville High School commencement in May. Instead, in a year that’s been anything but traditional, the talented singing/songwriting senior penned an ode for her classmates filled with… Continue reading.

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