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Better things come to those who wait

Posted on Nov 28 2021 in Profile

The old saying about good things coming to those who wait is only partially true for Leslie Beard. She already had a good thing, she said; that was being hired not long after college as a customer service representative at WIN Energy REMC in 2000. But she was a marketing graduate, and that’s what she… Continue reading.

Why Politics Matter to Cooperatives and How You Can Help

Posted on Nov 28 2021 in Features

For most people, their electricity provider is just the company that keeps the lights on. But an electric cooperative’s relationship with its consumer-owners is different. Since the 1930s when Indiana’s electric cooperatives were formed, they’ve thrived because of the political engagement between their consumer-owners and local, state and federal governments.  Indiana’s electric cooperatives advocate for… Continue reading.

Heed the dangers of backup generators

Posted on Nov 28 2021 in Safety

If your white Christmas goes dark from an electrical blackout, an electric generator can be a great resource for homeowners, especially if the storm and damage is severe and the outage is prolonged. But small portable generators pose risks homeowners need to guard against: carbon monoxide poisoning, electrocution or electric shock, and fire. Risk #1:… Continue reading.

Holiday Heritage

Posted on Nov 28 2021 in Features

The December holiday season is all about celebrating traditions. From the holy religious and cultural celebrations and commemorations to the folklore to the commercial “cornucopia … of unbridled avarice,” this time of year is special for most of us in many different ways. Like various cultures, every family seems to have its own way of… Continue reading.

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