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Boone REMC truck

Bet you didn’t know

Posted on Sep 26 2022 in Boone REMC, Features

To celebrate October as National Cooperative Month, here are some factoids you may not know about Indiana’s electric cooperatives. Boone REMC was a model for other rural electric groups in the country. The REMC received the Rural Electrification’s first loan on July 22, 1935. It was energized on May 21, 1936.  Claude Wickard, a member… Continue reading.

Co-ops rooted in seven principles

Posted on Sep 26 2022 in Boone REMC, Features

While co-ops operate in many industries and sectors of the economy, seven cooperative principles set co-ops apart from other businesses. The principles were first established in England in 1844 by the Rochdale (rhymes with “Scotch-Dale”) Equitable Pioneers Society, the first modern co-op organization. Over the years, the original guiding principles have been altered and added… Continue reading.

A history of cooperation

Posted on Sep 26 2022 in Boone REMC, Features

Cooperatives in America are as old as the nation itself.  The first successful U.S. cooperative was organized in 1752 when Benjamin Franklin formed the Philadelphia Contributionship for the Insurance of Houses from Loss by Fire — the nation’s oldest continuing cooperative. It continues to operate today. Electric cooperatives began because investor-owned utilities did not find it… Continue reading.

Riding up those hills

Posted on Sep 24 2022 in Travel

The hills of Monroe and Owen counties will be alive with the sound of music — not to mention the whirring of wheels, grinding of gears, huffing and puffing, and oohs and aahs of Indiana autumn splendor. The Hilly Hundred Weekend returns Oct. 21-23 for its 54th annual go-round … and up and down.  The… Continue reading.

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