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Spotlighting our 2021 Cooperative Calendar of Student Art Winners

Posted on Oct 26 2020 in Features

Like most everything else in 2020, the annual Cooperative Calendar of Student Art contest was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Normally held in late March or early April, the art contest judging was delayed to June because of the school closures and the closure of Indiana Connection’s office at Indiana Electric Cooperatives. IEC staff has… Continue reading.

Give thanks for the pioneers of rural electric cooperatives

Posted on Oct 26 2020 in Features

They did their work nearly 90 years ago. But, the legacy of the men and women who petitioned, paid for and built the electric cooperative that serves your community lives on every time you turn on the lights, watch TV or charge your cell phone. This holiday season, give thanks for the pioneers who helped… Continue reading.

A simple thermostat setting to reduce energy use

Posted on Oct 26 2020 in Energy

By Brian Reynolds In my role as energy advisor at Jackson County REMC, I have helped members like you find ways to reduce energy use during the fall and winter months.  For homes with heat pump systems, I like to begin at the thermostat. A simple thing you can do is to set your desired… Continue reading.

Fry your turkey the electric way

Posted on Oct 26 2020 in Features

Deep-fried turkeys have had a bad reputation for years because most deep fryers were gas-powered and safe only for the outdoors. Enter electric deep fryers designed for use on kitchen countertops.  To fry your holiday bird, choose a high smoke-point oil such as peanut, canola or sunflower. Search the internet or ask friends for their… Continue reading.

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