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Halloween Memories!

Posted on Jun 01 2020 in Features

The sweetest thing about Halloween may not be the preponderance of candy, but the inspired décor and “couture” associated with the holiday. Our October cover story will focus on what readers like you do to make your Halloween spook-tacular. What are some of your favorite DIY costumes and how did you make them? How do… Continue reading.

Career Profile: Restoring power to consumers

Posted on May 28 2020 in Profile

Top 3 responsibilities in a day: Update geographic information system (GIS) maps based on work and service orders and reports by field teams.  Dispatch outages. Help create GIS maps, both static and online, for internal and external use. What kind of education do you have?  I have a master’s degree in GIS and also attend specialized… Continue reading.


Posted on May 27 2020 in Safety

Summer vacation plans may still be in the “wait and see” stage, but when we’re ready to hit the road or air, take our advice: safety always matters. Just as it’s important to protect our health, remember other priorities: home security, road safety and vacation accommodation safety. Light’s on, but nobody’s home Don’t think you’re… Continue reading.

Fighting like cats and dogs

Posted on May 27 2020 in Pets

If you’ve found added comfort in the company of furry family members while sheltering in place, maybe you’re considering adding another set of paws upon your floor. Perhaps you’ve heard of a pet orphaned by COVID-19; or you think your pets would welcome the added company after life returns to normal and they are once… Continue reading.

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