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Career Profile: Chad Hinesley

Posted on May 25 2022 in Profile

The average worker will hold 10 different jobs before the age of 40 and a dozen throughout his or her career, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says. Chad Hinesley was right at that average. He held 10 different jobs by age 44. But how many “average workers” hold 10 different jobs without ever changing employers?… Continue reading.

Roaring on the river

Posted on May 25 2022 in Travel

When it comes to the world’s fastest motorsports, the 2.5-mile oval at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is where it’s at during the month of May and Memorial Day Weekend. But the Fourth of July Weekend belongs to the annual Madison Regatta and its 2.5-mile circuit on the Ohio River. Skimming and skipping across the water… Continue reading.

Painting the towns

Posted on May 24 2022 in Features

“If these walls could only talk …,” the old saying goes. Well, in a lot of cities, small towns, and rural communities across Indiana, walls do talk. They tell proud stories of local history, traditions, faith, culture, and of a vibrant arts community bursting with expression — painted not in words but through large publicly… Continue reading.

Familiarize yourself with your home’s electrical system

Posted on May 24 2022 in Safety

A lot of people won’t plug in their new TV or toaster without reading the instruction book at least once. But many will move into a new home without understanding the electrical system that makes everything work. Would you know how to trip the main circuit if someone was being shocked at an outlet somewhere? … Continue reading.

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