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Professional Progression Brittany Sams

Posted on Jan 25 2022 in Profile

When Brittany Sams was hired as an accountant at LaGrange County REMC, her college degrees and experience prepared her for accounting and business, of course. But no education or previous experience prepared her for the not-for-profit business model and the many accounting differences that come with a consumer-owned utility. The plan was for her to… Continue reading.

Lincoln’s Trail

Posted on Jan 25 2022 in Travel

Every grade schooler knows that President Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky — on Feb. 12, 1809. And, he lived in Illinois as a lawyer and a lawmaker before being elected president in 1860. But he did more than just pass through Indiana on his way, as was said upon his death, to belonging “to… Continue reading.

Hit a pole? Stay in the car.

Posted on Jan 25 2022 in Safety

On a late wintry Saturday afternoon, Nick and Blake decided to take Nick’s car to a movie — despite falling snow and parental advice to stay home. Moments later, where the county road zigged and zagged a mile past their neighborhood, Nick’s car did neither. It slid straight off and bumped into an electric cooperative… Continue reading.

Revival: Relighting a Beacon in West Baden

Posted on Jan 25 2022 in Features

By Richard G. Biever The salvation and revival of the West Baden Springs Hotel 15 years ago was nothing short of a miracle … as much a miracle as raising the architectural marvel in the first place. Called the “Eighth Wonder of the World” when it originally opened in 1903 for its towering dome above… Continue reading.

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