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Career Profile: Motivated to Make a Difference

Posted on Sep 27 2020 in Profile

Top 3 responsibilities in a day Distribute Materials. Review the crew schedules and pick and load supplies based on the planned projects.  Inventory Control. Track supplies used and advise on purchases to ensure the correct inventory is on-hand. Test Equipment. Execute and document equipment testing, including transformers, other equipment and personal protective gear for the line… Continue reading.

Wintertime is coming

Posted on Sep 26 2020 in Pets

It may be only October, but if you look around, nature is beginning its preparation for winter. You’re probably thinking about winter, too: Planning to get the gutters cleaned, the furnaced checked, and the snowblower unburied from the shed and tuned up. You should also think about your pet’s needs before winter arrives. Winter can… Continue reading.

Electrical fire safety: prepare and prevent

Posted on Sep 26 2020 in Safety

Home fires started by malfunctioning electric appliances and faulty wiring kill nearly 500 Americans each year and cause $1.3 billion in property damage. But many electrical fires can be prevented simply by following basic safe practices and being aware. “The statistics are staggering and disturbing,” said John Gasstrom, CEO at Indiana Electric Cooperatives. “But behind… Continue reading.

Sweet Memories

Posted on Sep 26 2020 in Features

A rare full moon — a blue one at that — will rise into the evening sky on Halloween this year. For the abnormal year that’s been 2020, why should we expect the annual celebration of the paranormal to be normal? Whether the pandemic and social distancing will affect traditional Halloween activities like door-to-door trick-or-treating, Haunted… Continue reading.

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