Pick up free LED bulbs from Tipmont

Posted on Jun 09 2016 in Tipmont REMC

Tipmont continues to offer five free LED bulbs to each membership through a joint effort with Wabash Valley Power Association. led-bulb

Each Tipmont membership is eligible for five free LED bulbs. According to calculations by one of our engineers, an average Tipmont residential member would save about $28 per year by replacing five incandescent bulbs with the free LEDs provided by Tipmont. That works out to more than $1,000 saved over the average 37-year lifespan of each LED bulb.

We now have given away more than 4,600 bulbs since the program started late last year. What are you waiting for? Stop by our office, or “like” us on Facebook, to see where and when we’ll be in the community with your free LED bulbs!