Congratulations to this year’s winners of the Cooperative Calendar of Student Art Contest! Below is the winning artwork which will appear in the 2022 Cooperative Calendar of Student Art and in an upcoming issue of Indiana Connection magazine. The calendar will be available in the fall/winter of 2021.

Grade Winners

Arabella White artwork
Kindergarten — Arabella White, Medora

Reid Blake artwork
First Grade — Reid Blake, Greensburg

Flynn Cissel artwork
Second Grade — Flynn Cissell, Borden

Olivia DeSchamp artwork
Third Grade — Olivia DeSchamp, Jasper

Jessa Berg artwork
Fourth Grade — Jessa Berg, Ferdinand

Rachael Shoemaker artwork
Fifth Grade — Rachael Shoemaker, Argos

Jackson Robbins artwork
Sixth Grade — Jackson Robbins, Rochester

Harley Koons artwork
Seventh Grade — Harley Koons, Seymour

Riley Aebersold artwork
Eighth Grade — Riley Aebersold, New Albany

Justine Ocken artwork
Ninth Grade — Justine Ocken, South Whitley

10th Grade — Andrew Zink, Winona Lake

Hannah Brown Artwork
11th Grade — Hannah Brown, South Whitley

Danielle Sommerman artwork
12th Grade and Best of Show — Danielle Sommerman, English

Honorable Mention Winners

Ella Lubbers artwork
Kindergarten — Ella Lubbers, Ferdinand

Cora Atkins artwork
First Grade — Cora Atkins, Ferdinand

Hannie McNeeley
Second Grade — Hannie McNeely, Fairland

Kaylin Fuller artwork
Third Grade — Kaylin Fuller, Charlestown

Julie Bloomfield artwork
Fourth Grade — Julie Bloomfield, Winona Lake

SaRai Fontanez artwork
Fifth Grade — SaRai Fontanez, Seymour

Adilynn Meyers artwork
Sixth Grade — Adilynn Meyers, Decatur

Lucy Hess artwork
Seventh Grade — Lucy Hess, Crawfordsville

Cameryn Proxmire artwork
Eighth Grade — Cameryn Proxmire, Kendallville

Justine Ocken artwork
Ninth Grade — Justine Ocken, South Whitley

Sophia Watson artwork
10th Grade — Sophia Watson, Charlestown

Kaitlin Anderson artwork
11th Grade — Kaitlin Anderson, South Whitley

Abigail Brinegar artwork
12th Grade — Abigail Brinegar, Paoli