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Focus on members is key to consolidation research

Posted on Jun 28, 2018 in Kankakee Valley REMC

  One of the fundamental strengths of electric cooperatives is their ability to juggle the emerging changes and challenges of the electric industry while still maintaining their focus on their members. Since cooperatives are member-owned, members obviously are the number one priority.  From the beginning, we referred to the potential consolidation between Kankakee Valley REMC… Continue reading.

Broadband & Consolidation

Posted on May 30, 2018 in Kankakee Valley REMC

Your cooperative is embarking on some exciting opportunities. Last year, your leadership team reviewed Kankakee Valley REMC’s strategic plan. This “road map,” established by the leadership team, identifies the co-op’s key areas of opportunity. Each area will strengthen and advance our rural communities now and in the future. One of our focuses is the digital… Continue reading.

Your co-op is wrapped in value

Posted on Nov 28, 2016 in Kankakee Valley REMC

The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of the most exciting times of the year. We each have favorite family traditions as we count down the days to Dec. 25. While the holiday season is full of excitement, we sometimes miss the magic as we juggle hefty shopping lists, various holiday parties and wrapping… Continue reading.

Why we celebrate cooperatives

Posted on Sep 28, 2016 in Kankakee Valley REMC

Every October, cooperatives from all sectors across the country celebrate National Cooperative Month. The purpose of this annual celebration is to recognize the cooperative difference and remind you, the members, about Kankakee Valley REMC’s purpose. Chances are you only think about your cooperative when you pay your electric bill or when your service is interrupted… Continue reading.